To open blind eyes,

To bring out prisoners

from the dungeon,

And those who dwell

in darkness from the

prison | Isaiah 42:7



Incredible.  I wish every couple could experience this counseling.  On a scale of 1-10 (Ten being the highest) I would give 1000 plus. The counselor was very sensitive to each need we had.  He lead us through each step with deep compassion.  I saw Jesus in him.  I feel like a kid again - free to love and be loved.  The walls I built have been torn down.  I feel so free. I am truly grateful for helping me see my husband's heart.  I look at him with different eyes.

This was something that I have needed for a long time.  The counselor was a great facilitator.  He was able to not only help me talk to Jesus but help me hear from Jesus.  I felt totally accepted by the counselor.   My only disappointment was that I didn't come when  I was married. Maybe we wouldn't be divorced today. 


Thank you again for helping us.  I am happy beyond words.  I have the wife I always wanted.  More importantly, I feel clean and whole before God and my wife for the first time in my life.

I enjoyed the sessions, and learned a lot about myself and my fiance.  I am very grateful for the time spent with us

The counselor gave us a better understanding of how to gain victory over the strongholds in our lives.  He was very accepting and caring

The counselor accepted every doubt and emotion that I threw at him.  He is an active listener and identified triggers and pain in my story and my husband's story that I had never seen before.

I will be forever grateful to Haven of Hope.  We had never been to any type of counseling, and this was scary for me.   The counselor was courteous and respectful.  We have so much in our marriage to resolve, but he helped me to open my heart to my wife, feel her pain, and provide a safe place for her

I loved it!  Having been through quite a bit of other types of counseling this was so different.   Once we got home I didn't have this need to call the office to see what we should do.  The counselor lead us to the ultimate Counselor. We brought Him home with us.

I feel like this counseling gets to the heart of the matter.  I have had counseling and have read lots of books that dealt with issues in my head and little in my heart.

Awesome Experience!!  I never once felt condemned.  I wish we would have had this 18 years ago.  We will never be able to repay you.  Our prayer is that God will bless you over and over and above what we ever would be able to do.

I came to Haven of Hope with no preconceived idea's or notions.  I came with an open mind and heart knowing it would dig deep and hurt.  I am very grateful and thankful that I came.  I clearly believe that we are now on the beginning of the road to better communication. It was the most emotionally draining, exhausting both physically and mentally week ever.  I have cried more than I have in many years.  But the love I have felt is more then I have ever felt in my entire life.   For the first time in my life I feel loved and cared for by my husband.  I feel a great peace in my heart, a peace so deep it makes me feel alive instead of black and dead.  My heart has always been, black and dead, abused, unloved and beaten up.   For the first time in my life I see a little flicker of light, like a candle sputtering in the wind with a wet wick.   Through  out my whole life I have always doodled on bits of paper.  My doodles were always hearts surrounded with flames.  I'm really good at drawing flames, I can draw them with my eyes shut.  I now feel like drawing hearts and doves.  I do not know how to draw doves but it is never to late to learn.

A sexual abuse victim.

This is the first counseling we have ever received that helped us identify the key issues in each others lives.  It gave me hope.  The most helpful thing was identifying the key issues in my own life and that i was able to care for the key issues in my husbands life.  I also  realize that these pain issues will be weak area's in our lives that will require the care of a loving heart.  I also realized my depression and hopelessness was gone by the end of the week.

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