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What is a ‘Cottage Dinner’?

Our Cottage Round Table Fundraiser Dinners are a gathering of friends. Often these events turn into a time of fun and fellowship, sorta like going home for Sunday dinner. The presenting staff from HOH are friendly and easy to chat with. There’s always plenty of good food.  The information presented by the HOH staff is precise and to the point. The evening event usually lasts about 2 to 3 hours. We use this time to get to know one another, share a delicious meal, and show how YOU can make a difference in couples’ lives across the world.

Harvest of Hope

Our Harvest of Hope Campaign was created for the furtherance of our ministry here at Haven of Hope. We are having these Cottage Fundraising Dinners to raise money for future facilities that will be used for conferences and counseling of couples across the globe.
The couples who host these Cottage Fundraising Dinners are expected to invite 3 to 6 couples with the potential of being large donors to the Harvest of Hope Campaign.

Recent Cottage dinners

Questions as a host

Q: what kind of a meal is it?


A: We would like the meal to resemble an upscale dining experience.
Planning around $15/plate to ensure quality food.

Q: Do I do a sit-down dinner family-style or a cafeteria-style dinner?


A: A sit-down family-style dinner is lovely. 
If your home or facility lends itself better to cafeteria-style dining that is very acceptable.

Q: Do I need to Decorate?


A: Some of our hosting couples enjoy decorating.
We are always delighted to see a beautifully decorated table.
However, decor is not necessary.  It is the hosting couple’s choice. 

Q: How many guests are a good fit?


A: We typically like to see 3 to 6 couples invited to our dinners, not including the staff team or host and hostess. 

Q: What is a good time of evening to have the Dinner?


A: Evening dinners are often 6:00 or 6:30. The timing varies and we are flexible.

– We ask that the Sunday events be scheduled for 4:00 p.m.  

Interested in hosting?

host’s feedback

“The Team’s presentation of the future of HOH was incredible! It was so professionally done. I didn’t feel pressured at all to give, so I’m giving them $20.5million!!”

– Jeff Bazos

“This event was wonderful! Had lots of fun with great fellowship! Please consider donating to this wonderful ministry!”

– Jim Bob

“Such Great Food!”
– Hungry Henrietta


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