Follow-Up Group Leaders

The purpose for the follow-up group is to provide a safe environment for couples to receive extended care.  Groups meet once a week for six weeks, and work through the Building Blocks of Relationships workbook.

Groups consist of three couples including the lead couple.  Couples within the group will have gone through a weeklong intensive or have attended a Two Hearts, One Flame Marriage Retreat.

Follow-up leaders will receive training in how to facilitate the groups and help couples resolve issues that prevent emotional intimacy.


Fundraising Volunteer

Haven of Hope is a donation-based ministry.  We are always looking for people interested in helping us raise funds for this ministry.  As a volunteer, you would have the opportunity to network with individuals and organizations to help us get the word out about Haven of Hope and its mission to bring healing to homes and marriages.


Personal Mentor

As a personal mentor, you will walk side-by-side with others as they continue on their heart journey.   Haven of Hope would connect you with an individual or couple looking for individualized help from someone who can answer questions and help them with resolving pain.