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What to Expect

How much does the counseling cost?

Haven of Hope is a 501(c)3, so as a non-profit, we do not charge for our services.  We operate on a donation basis only.  You can donate to us through our website donation button, through text to give, or by sending in a check to our office

What is a week long intensive?

Because our counseling ministry gets to the root of the problem so that healing can begin, we ask that marital couples come for 5 days in a row with three hours appointments each day.  The counselor will often encourage the couple to watch a DVD and/or complete homework before the next session.  Because of the intensity of the counseling, we ask that you set aside the week to focus on your relationship.  It is preferable that you take this time to get away from work and home responsibilities so that you can focus completely on your marriage.

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