To open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon, and those who dwell in darkness from the prison. —Isaiah 42:7

Mission Statement

Haven of Hope is a ministry committed to assisting couples in restoring broken relationships, healing wounded hearts, and leading marriages to emotional and spiritual oneness through the power of Jesus Christ. We lead couples to identify and resolve interpersonal conflicts that result in wounded and destroyed relationships. We are also committed to train and equip others for the ministry of reconciliation. At Haven of Hope you will find individuals who are warm, caring , and committed to meet you where you are in your struggle towards freedom from bondage that creates broken relationships.

“I felt very accepted. I was not judged or condemned by anything I shared with him. He understood me and my problems and was compassionate, caring, and sympathetic.”

“One of the only places I have ever felt completely safe to say anything on my mind. I felt cared about and completely accepted as is.”

“We were both nervous to begin, but as soon as we met our counselor he put our hearts at ease. I really enjoyed the counseling.”

“Our counselor was very friendly and made us feel understood and accepted from the time we stepped into his office. He was very easy to understand as he explained how to find our pain from our past. I feel very excited; and very cared for and also understood.”

“Our counselor was very responsive to us throughout our week, acknowledging whatever we shared. His humor helped us through some heavy conversations and energized us too. He worked hard to stretch us without pressuring us. He has gained our trust and was a wonderful example.”

“Finally someone understood every angle of everything. They “got us” and were very compassionate and careful not to hurt us further. It meant a lot that they cried with us.”

How You Can Help

We do not charge for clients to be ministered to and your donation makes it possible to continue offering this service free of charge. We appreciate your financial support in helping us minister to hurting couples. 


Since many of our clients do not live near us, we have negotiated discounted pricing for several nearby locations. Several families have also graciously opened their homes for this cause.

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